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Health for Life 2017 Team Update

  1. Eliana Field-Marsham – Health for Life Founder becomes Advisor.  Bio: Currently employed at Little Spoon, formerly at McKinsey & Company 
  2. Cecilia Jakobsson – Senior Researcher takes over from Eliana as CEO. Bio: Currently a NHS assistant psychologist

More about Cecilia:

As a Child Development MSc student at University College London, Cecilia’s thesis was focused on school-based interventions and teachers’ mental health and wellbeing. In her MSc in Global Mental Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) and King’s College London, Cecilia’s dissertation was on co-production in research on psychosis. Her dissertation contributed to the initial stages of the SUCCEED program at LSHTM, which aims to co-produce and evaluate multi-disciplinary approaches to psychosis in four African countries. Before her graduate studies, she completed her bachelor’s degree from New York University, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Child and Adolescent Mental Health. She joined HFLK’s team on the ground in Elgeyo Marakwet in July 2014 and gathered grassroots data from students, teachers and clinicians.  She experimented with teaching a fact-based class on female circumcision, assisted by Yale University students Millie Chapman and Nihal Kayali and Fluorspar school’s head teacher Caroline Koskei. The lesson was structured around discussing “The Cutting Tradition”, a 47-minute film, commissioned by FIGO – the International Federation of Obstetricians & Gynecologists.(Former student of Sigtunaskolan Humanistiska Laroverket, Sweden)

Health for Life Team Expands 

New Members:

  1. Emma Wookey – graduate student at Columbia University, studied Psychology and Global Health at Rollins College, Florida 

Health for Life Team Expands in 2015

New Members Include:

  1. Sarah Klem – University of Michigan
  2. Emily Cewers – Halsouniversitetet, Linkoping, Sweden- med school
  3. Asha Saum – Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology – HFLK Mass Communications
  4. Hilda Sirma – University of Nairobi 3rd year bachelor in medicine and surgery
  5. Jacklyne Betty – Strathmore Univeristy Studying Bachelors of Business Science – Actuarial Science
  6. Fiona Mwende – Strathmore University
  7. Fabian De Geer – University of Westminster

Health for Life Team Expands in 2014 

New Members Include:

Kenyatta University Faculty

  1. Professor Mike Boit is at Kenyatta University’s School of Applied Human Sciences.  His area of specialty is Education in Curriculum Instruction and Physical Education
  2. Dr. Festus Kiplamai, PhD is a Lecturer  of Exercise Science & Nutrition in the department of Recreational Management and Exercise Science at Kenyatta University.  His area of specialty is Health Science.
  3. Dr. Gitahi Theuri, PhD is at Kenyatta University. He is a lifestyle diseases interventionist.

Youth/ Students

  1. Sharon ChepngetichHFLK Program manager. Bio: Sharon is an investment banker at Rand Merchant Bank and graduate from the University of Sheffield.  She joined HFLK’s team on the ground in Elgeyo Marakwet in July 2014, taught classes, conducted information sessions, and is coordinating the program out of Nairobi.  (former student of Braeburn and the International School of Kenya in Nairobi County)
  2. Cecilia Jakobsson, New York University student – HFLK Researcher and program developer. Bio: Cecilia is a Child Development MSc student at University College London
  3. Precious Jebet Kilimo, Dartmouth University student –HFLK Researcher. Bio: Precious attended Dartmouth University. She joined HFLK’s team in May 2014.  She collected and provided valuable educational material of female circumcision. (Former student of Precious Blood Girls Secondary School, Riruta, Nairobi County)
  4. Esther Njoroge, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology student – HFLK Spokesperson. Bio: Esther is a National Ambassador of Kenya’s Youth Senate for Education for Kenya’s Youth Senate. She joined HFLK’s team in May 2014 and brought Kenya’s National Youth Senate on board with HFLK’s initiative. In July 2014 she taught classes and conducted information sessions in Elgeyo Marakwet in July 2014. (Former student of Mugoiri Girls High School, Murganga County)

Founding Health For Life Team 2013

Branksome Hall Students:

  1. Eliana Field-Marsham – Founder. Bio: Having personally benefited from Ontario’s school accredited Health for Life course in 2012, Eliana decided to introduce the course to Kenyan students. In 2013 she taught the course to 950 girls at three schools (Precious Blood Riruta, Bright Girls Shella and Soy Secondary School) with a team of five Branksome Hall Students.  In 2014 she enlarged the HFLK team that now comprises University students in the US, UK, and Kenya, as well as Kenyatta University Professors and Researchers.
  2. Gabby Gardner
  3. Georgia Levitt
  4. Genevieve Pelow
  5. Claire Strickland
  6. Halle Kukulowicz